Clear vision

No daytime contact lenses or glasses!

Game on!

Nothing in your way

Your Best Performance

See your goal with vision that never gets in the way

Vision-shaping with Orthokeratology can give you a clear advantage

No daytime contact lenses & No eyeglasses & Clearer vision gently, while you sleep

Reshape your vision!

Ortho-Keratology is a different vision correction alternative!

Easy vision

Clear daytime vision without the need for glasses or contact lenses. No scratches or smudges on your eyeglasses, or annoyng dryness and scratchiness from dirty or old contact lenses.


No worries of complications that may come from a surgical procedure. No permanent changes.

Reversible process

No long term changes that might interfere with plans for utilizing future sight correcting technologies.


Gentle, at night, while you sleep, vision reshaping process. Think of fairy engineers using high-tech feathers.


Approved by the FDA for all ages.

Safe and well-understood technology

Sophisticated, techologically advanced lens and techniques, backed by years of research, safely create the changes needed for clearer vision.

Changes are no problem

When changes are needed, we can make those changes to optimize your vision for changes in your life.

Sports and outdoors visual freedom!

For aspiring and advanced athletes who can't be bothered worrying about the comfort and visual interference that may come with eyeglass or contact lens problems.

Control your Nearsightedness!!

Limit the increases in your myopia by controlling the changes. Ortho-Keratology, CRT, Vision Shaping all help to limit your increases by controlling your visual system's natural desire to change when wearing eyeglasses or regular contact lenses.

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You have options to clearer, easier vision